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A mountain bike Enduro, the VERTIGO BIKES SUPER D event is set in the Queenstown Bike Park high above Queenstown, with Skyline Gondola access, 6hrs non stop tag team or individual. Base camp is at the old camping ground at the top of Man Street Queenstown.

It is about downhillers taking on their cross-country cousins on a course designed to test both disciplines. If you've raced it before then we know you have got your ticket already. If you haven’t raced it before? Well it’s well worth hitting up. We look forward to seeing you in 2015

For more info email or phone 03 441 8215.

For an appetizer, check the the 2014 Super D clip or view the 2012 Dairies Downunder video

Date: 14 March 9am to 3pm
Location: Queenstown Bike Park
Reserve Date: 2015-03-15

Fees: $110 Individual & $180 team of 2


 Start times



Course map

revised Super D Map 2015














The course
The course covers 7km down and up. The final details of the course are being tested.

While the description below varies a lot from what you will get as a course this year, the concept however remains the same - we have just mixed it up!

The course is designed to give ‘downhill riders’ and cross-country riders’ equal chances at being first at the end of the day.  At the end of the Hammy’s Trail, riders cross straight into the support village (located this year in the old QLDC camping ground) and pit lanes with the track taking every competitor past every ‘pit’ on each lap.  Each lap is expected to take 22 - 25 mins.

SUPER D the start low res

Start line 2012

Sample Course Description
Upper Hammy's to halfway, then up Skyline road and back down Vertigo to halfway hub, into Vertigo then cutting into Single Track Sandwich after 100m, cutting back into Vertigo after a few corners. Once back on Vertigo, riding the old, existing flowing tracks on the terraces above on riders left of the main track

Pro line will hit the step down, road gap, step up series whilst others can roll through but will be slower.

Dropping down onto fire road straight, then hard on the brakes at bottom, turning into an existing switchback climb called 'Bottoms up'.  This climbs up onto what we have called Tom's terrace. Climb all the way back up to Step down, road gap, step up series.  All in all a fairly easy gradient climb. Turn off left into Vertigo briefly before ducking into the end of Turd, back onto Vertigo then dropping onto Hammy's to hit the table top's and fast jump line in the trees. (good spectating here). Lower Hammy's to finish with a nice drifty corner just before heading under the Gondola.

Ethan Glover low res

Ethan Glover flying down

Race categories
You can enter as an individual, or as a team of up to 3 people. Divisions in the individual category are Male,  Female and Veteran (Male 40+ and Female 35+). In the team categories, entries are open for Male, Female and Mixed, all ages combined.

Registration is from 7.30am - 8.20 at the registration tent, located at the old QLDC camping ground. You will be provided with your bike number, transponder and sponsor's items if any.

Race briefing at 8.20am
All racers will need to be present. Race briefing will be in the pit lane area.

Race start
You will get 6hrs in total (from your start time) to get the maximum number of laps.

Pit lane
Each team or racer will be allocated an area marked out in the pit lane / transition area. The pit lane will be part of the race track and where teams transition. These will be allocated on a first in, best spot basis - so be early. Team members will need to pass the ‘baton’ ie tag their team mate before starting. the pit lane will be tight and cosy. Only 1 car or quivalent space.

SUPER D Paul angus low res

Paul Angus aka Pang

Route Markings
The course will be marked with tape and arrows as required. Arrows and tape lines at intersections to indicate direction change.

Start / finish line blow - up arch
Flags / sponsor banners on the side of the start gates area and in finish line  / pit lane area

Marshals will be placed at race key points and will be in radio communication with the base, and with St Johns

The Skyline Gondola is providing us exclusive use of every second car for the duration of the 6hrs. There will be no other bikers other than competitors in the Super D able to use the gondola.

Food and water
We will have food and coffee available in the pit lane.
Other cafes and food outlets are not far from the tent village for other types of food.

Prize giving
Prize giving will be at the Surreal Bar and Restaurant. Great prizes provided by our sponsors.

From 1000 - 1500 in the finish line / pit lane.

Naomi Wilson low res

Naomi Wilson


The general rules described here constitute the Event Rules. However further rules may be added and conveyed to you through emails, newsletters, race pack information and pre-race briefing. The course signage also forms part of the rules.

*  All event signage and directions of event personnel must be obeyed at all times.
*  Riders are asked ride with respect to fellow riders and allow passing as required.
*  The advertised course may be changed for safety or other reasons.
*  The supplied race number must be displayed on the front of the bike

*  Bikes must be serviced and maintained, approved standard helmets must be worn. Competitors are responsible for the equipment they use. They must ensure that it is in good condition, safe and serviceable. It is strongly recommended that all entrants have their bike serviced and helmet checked out by a cycle retailer prior to the event.
*  You are responsible for your personal belongings at the event.
*  NO Ipods, MP3 players, headphones etc can be used by competitors on race day.



It is likely that in the case of an accident, a fellow competitor will be the first on the scene. This might be you. If it is you, you must stop and give all reasonable care that you can, while sending someone forward to get to the nearest radio so that we can get expert help on the scene as soon as possible. Or use your cell phone to ring the event medical ‘hotline’

In the event that you sustain an injury or illness whilst participating in the cycle ride, you authorise the appointed medical personnel to perform and administer such emergency medical attention as they think is necessary. they have the right to remove competitors from the course based on medical grounds.

If severe weather conditions on the scheduled event day precludes us from staging the event, we will stage the event on the following day. In case of a postponement, all race timings will remain the same. Listen to the local radios for event day cancellations or call our office for the latest details: 03 441 8215

Super D low res 10

There will be a refund of 50% up until two weeks prior to the event, and upon notification to the organisers. No refund will be paid for any withdrawals made after this date. There will be no roll over of withdrawn entries to the next year’s event. If the reserve day should be canceled due to weather conditions or other 'acts of god' there will be no refunds.

I agree to abide by the Event Rules and with the directions of the officials. I will comply with all the directions given on the entry information, confirmation letter, emails, newsletters, race pack information, pre-race briefing and course signage. I agree to allow the organisers and sponsors to use photographs, video and film taken during the event to advertise their products or to promote the event at no cost to the organisers and sponsors.

I agree to the event organiser collecting the personal data provided, retaining and using these details for the purpose of event administration and notification of future similar events (given in accordance of the Privacy Act 1993).

I am in sound physical condition and health, capable of safely competing in the event, and am not aware of any physical condition to the contrary.

I understand that the participation in this event is at my own risk and I accept full responsibility for obtaining adequate skills to negotiate and avoid hazards on the course.

I acknowledge that there are risks inherent in the Event and that I may sustain losses from my participation therein.

Pursuant to this release, I voluntarily agree to assume (for myself,my representatives, heirs, assigns, and next of kin) all such risks, foreseeable or otherwise, and hereby release the Southern Traverse (2005) Ltd, the organisation team and all persons and entities connected with the Event from any liability for any and all losses whatsoever, whatever the cause, that I may sustain.

My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to apply to any and all losses no matter how the loss (or losses) is (or are) caused.

My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to cover any loss or losses caused by a negligent act or a negligent failure to act. I release and discharge the Southern Traverse (2005) Ltd, the Southern Traverse organisation and all persons and entities connected with the Event from any and all claims that arise as the result of loss, property damage, injury, illness or death to me in the Event.

This release shall extend to include promoters, sponsors, the organisers of the event and their respective directors, partners, managers, officers, agents, contractors, employees and volunteers including medical and paramedical personnel appointed for the event; the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which the event or any part of it is conducted, any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which the event is conducted.


The final course design for 2015 will be released on Friday about 1000.

For information on where to watch it is best to call past the old QLDC campground to see the map and decide where to go.

Spectators are urged to bring any aids to help make lots of noise!